Happy New Liturgical Year!

As we begin a new liturgical year in the life of the church, we as a parish also begin a new phase. For the last few months we (parish staff and parish pastoral council) have worked to develop a new mission statement, which will guide us in our work as a parish:  Live our faith. Love our neighbor. Be His disciples.  These guiding principles will direct our actions, activities and ministerial work as a parish in the coming months and year.  You will also notice the following four words highlighted frequently in various communications:  Worship, Serve, Unite, and Evangelize.  These words were carefully chosen to be key words that will help us to put our mission into action.   Please take the time to read the parish bulletin, website, and electronic newsletter to find ways in which you can be actively involved in helping our parish fulfill our mission.

As part of this new phase, all parish staff, from ministerial to administrative staff, will write in the parish bulletin, from time to time, about what is happening in their ministries in an effort to keep everyone up-to-date on parish activities and point out ways you can help out and make a difference.

I would like to also take this time to invite you to our Advent Talk on Monday, December 4th at 5:30p.m.  Marian speaker Sharon Coughlin will be with us to share a reflection about Our Lady of Guadalupe.  On Sunday, December 10th at 6:00 p.m., we will host a Christmas Concert performed by the students from Northeast Catholic College.  I encourage you to participate in these events, as we journey together through this Advent Season.

Finally, I want to welcome those who are new to our parish or are visiting us for the first time. I hope you find in our parish a good experience of worship and a welcoming community. Thank you for being here and we hope to see you again!  To our long time parishioners, thank you for your support, your trust and patience as we begin this new phase as a parish community.  Please pray for this, your parish, our parish, that we may live our faith and love our neighbor as energized, enthusiastic followers of Jesus Christ.



Fr. Marcos


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