Latino Leadership Committee

The Latino Leadership committee is made up of the leaders of the various Hispanic ministries that are active at St. Aloysius and include representatives from:

  • CERS – Bible Study, Children’s Liturgy, and Kid’s Chorus
  • Cruzados
  • Voces del Señor Choir (Chorus for Saturday’s Mass)
  • Pan y Vino Choir
  • OLG / Mariachi
  • Christian Family Movement
  • Prayer Group

Bible Study (in Spanish)

With the study of the bible in the parish we have the opportunity to reiterate the call of our baptism and enter into a deeper relationship with Christ. The classes, based entirely on the Bible, are open to all adults. Meetings are on the lower level of Milette Manor behind St. Aloysius on E. Hollis Street in Nashua. For a class schedule or additional information, please contact the parish office at 603-882-4362 ext. 211 or send an email to

Catholic Christian Family Movement

The MFCC-USA is a group of Christian families that join efforts to promote human and Christian values of family.
This worldwide movement brings Catholic families together and contributes to the formation and strengthening families, supported by the assistance of bishops, priests, deacons and religious.

The Catholic Christian Family Movement offers:

  • Strengthens communication and dialogue between spouses to develop and strengthen marriages.
  • Promotes dialogue between parents and children for greater family bonding and development of each of its members.
  • Seeks a greater understanding of community problems and desires to pursue constructive change and greater social involvement and work in the community.
  • Assists people developing a family lifestyle, according to the human and Christian values most appropriate to their circumstances.

For more information call the rectory at 603-882-4362 number

Children Chorus

Our children’s choir is comprised of very talented children of our parish community who praise God with their voices. The children’s choir is in charge of the music at the Spanish Mass on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. The joy and power of music are offered in praise and bring a richness to our weekly liturgy.

We invite you to hear our children’s choir of St. Aloysius by joining us in worship every Wednesday at 7pm.

Spanish Choir

We are very blessed to be able to have two choirs that play in different weeks during the Saturday Masses, Voces del Señor Choir and Pan y Vino Choir.

Practices for Voces del Señor are held every Friday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the Church. Visit us on Facebook for updates and additional information.


This group of married men are devoted to living faith filled, family centered lives and supporting one another in achieving these goals.  They do so with the help of the Holy Spirit and seek strength in the Eucharist.  They also work together to help the church, offering opportunities for fellowship and handling improvement projects.


  • United in a common interest:  Love for Christ and His Church.
  • Moved by the same ideal: to be Christ.
  • Launched for the same goal: common Holiness, the glory of the Father; to be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect (Ephesians 1.4, John 17, 23-24; Laumen Gentium, No. 39).
  • Moved by one Spirit.

CERS (Evangelizing Community for the Reconciliation and Service)

The Evangelizing Community for the Reconciliation and Service, for its acronym CERS, is a family of lay faithful who work hard to bring about the kingdom of God by lovingly following the Lord’s precepts. The mission of the community is to “evangelize the laity with the Bible in hand.”

The church is a missionary church and the mission of the CERS is to enrich the world with the word of God. The CERS community members have a spirit of service and sacrifice that lead them to serve God with humility and love.

The method of evangelization consists of nine Bible courses that lead the participant to deepen their understanding and love for God and one another.

The ministries active within this community include the following:

  • Prophetic Ministry, dedicated to teaching Bible courses.
  • Ministry of the Poor, dedicated to discovering and helping the needy.
  • Ministry of the Sick, dedicated to help the sick.
  • Ministry of Catechesis of Children, dedicated to evangelizing children.
  • Ministry of Pre-Sacramental Preparation, dedicated to prepare adults to receive the sacraments.
  • Liturgical Ministry, dedicated to helping in liturgical celebrations.
  • Ministry of the Good News, members of the CERS community who spend an hour each week to spread the Word of God by distributing various publications.
  • Rosary Ministry, dedicated to praying the rosary at the parishioners homes.
  • Ministry of Home Visits, dedicated to go from house to house to deliver a message or an invitation to church.
  • Sponsorship Ministry for Bible Courses, devoted to invite people to take Bible courses.

The CERS adhere to the standards of the parish and diocese and are a branch of the Missionary Servants of the Word.

Another important focus of the community is the RECONCILIATION with God through changing lives, by reconciling with one another and with God, leading to a life of greater love and happiness.

Finally, members are also devoted to SERVICE, by providing opportunities to join in genuine and humble service for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

To learn more about the CERS community, send us an email or call us at 603-882-4362.

If you are interested in joining, then click here to sign up for the email list and enter Hispanic Ministries in the Get Involved signup box.